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Our interview section about people which is making the difference for Expats In Prague

We all already know that since the beginning of 2020 everyone’s life has changed. These were very difficult times and we were forced to radically change our life habits.

We can go on talking about the same thing for hours, but we prefer not to. There is so much information that invades us during the 24 hours about C… (we don’t even want to name it), that we choose to talk about other things.

One of them, while connected to current problems, is focused on positive things.

Yes, there are people who, despite everything, continue to fight to improve the lives of others. And it is those types of people with whom we want to surround ourselves since good actions generate good attitudes.

What if, instead of just thinking about how to save ourselves as individuals (at least until the storm passes), we think about doing something different, which is the opposite!?

Help the other and generate a chain of good attitudes. This attitudes, both in the present and in the future, without a doubt they will bring us well-being of all kinds.

I don’t want to get too philosophical, but it would be interesting for us to reflect and think that if things are not working well in this way, that if the world is not quite right, we are the ones who should change.

This section is called “Coffice Ask” and it is simply interviews with people or organizations who are doing something good here in the Czech Republic (sorry, I don’t like the new name “Chequia”). 

We want to bring good news, and perhaps this leads us to connect with like-minded people.


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