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Coffice Prague – What is it and How Does it Work?

Coffice is divided into 4 areas – private office, conference room, shared area and the garden. We will describe a bit about the space, about us and the “Social” Coworking concept. 

Private Office:

Here, we offer a fixed desk with private entrance and access with a key. It is connected by a corridor with other areas. You pay monthly.

Complete offer:

  • 6 desks
  • Wifi
  • High quality office chairs –  (Vitra Axess Plus model)
  • Good natural lighting overlooking the street.
  • Unlimited free coffee (at times when coworking is open)

Recommended for professionals or companies that need privacy and access 24/7.

You can either share the office or rent the entire space for your company.

Coffice | Office space for rent in Prague

Meeting Room:

Here you find a 5m long conference table, 2 large roof windows with natural light during the day.

Complete offer:

  • Capacity up to 10 people
  • Projector
  • Flipchart
  • Unlimited Free Coffee

An ideal space to work in a group if you want to be in the city center or for those who have a work meeting and want to make a good impression in a professional space.

The rent can be per hour or per day.

Coffice | Best Cafe for working in Prague in Prague

Shared Area - Hot Desks:

It is practically where everything happens. Here is the reception, relax area and reading area, access to the garden, stage with a piano.

Complete offer:

  • Wifi
  • 14 different tables from 2 to 6 people (flexible according to your needs)
  • 45 seating spaces (comfy chairs so you can work for hours)
  • Unlimited free coffee
  • Music
  • Big screen for projections (4m long x 1.40m high)

Ideal for entrepreneurs or startups which need to work alone or with their team in a creative space. It is also possible to rent the entire space for all kinds of events or workshops.

It is as if you had the chance to work in a Café, but without the guilty and uncomfortable feeling about how much you consume (you know what I mean).

In addition, unlike a cafe, the internet is fast and the atmosphere is calm, so your day will be more productive.

Coffice | Coworking Space Prague & Cafe per hour

Hot Desk - step by step:




4 – WORK

More coffee? No problem! Serve yourself 🙂

Unlike a regular coworking, here you will have the opportunity to find different people every day. Paying by the hour brings much more movement. It is one of the things that gives meaning to our concept of “Social Coworking” (we will talk more about it later).


Here you also find a reading space (with hundreds of books), armchairs and a stage with piano and soundsystem with a microphone.

Last but not least. We have a beautiful and quiet garden in which throughout the summer you can work and enjoy the sun.

Why "Social" Coworking?

In order to better understand the concept, we must tell you a little about who we are and why we have created this place.

Veronika and Martin, from Slovakia and Argentina. They met in Prague and got married.

Veronika worked as a flight attendant for a long time and has extensive experience in the travel industry, in the administrative area, and in dealing with people from different parts of the world and also living abroad.

Martín is an entrepreneur and has a small hotel in Brazil and a hostel in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Also many years of experience in the travel industry and as a digital nomad. 

COFFICE combines all this and tries to offer the advantages and cover needs that, we believe, each one of us has.

A comfortable environment to work like in a coworking, with the interaction and social life of a hostel. A structured service for companies, but at the same time flexible for entrepreneurs and startups.

Last but not least: we speak perfect Spanish, English and Portuguese (and some Italian).

Coffice | Psi Coworking Cafe Praha

When the sun goes down:

At the end of a productive work day, we all deserve to relax and have fun. Therefore, the Hot Desk area becomes a friendly meeting space in which we carry out all kinds of events (you no longer pay per hour). From networking, live music, language exchange, dance and rockabilly classes, poetry reading, stand up comedy, discussion forums, workshops…the list goes on.

Check our events page or follow us on Facebook to find out everything that is happening.

Bla Bla Language Exchange in Coffice Prague

Do you want to know more about Coffice or do you need a Co-living in Prague? Here we are, send us a message or contact us by phone +420 774890, WhatsApp or Telegram 

Check out our video:

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